Our Role in the Fight

Portescap and Altra Industrial Motion — Strength in Numbers

Portescap and our extended Altra Industrial Motion family are contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

Watch the video to learn more about our:

  • Pandemic response plan
  • Business continuity task force
  • Employee and customer safety practices

Portescap Motors Support Life-Critical Applications

pcap_heart_332pxThe COVID-19 pandemic is creating an urgent need for critical care equipment such as ventilators and infusion systems, as well as increased requirements for lab analyzers.

Portescap has been a leading expert in miniature motors and precision motion control solutions for medical devices and clinical diagnostics for many decades and we’re proud to be able to play a critical role during this crucial time.  However, more than technical expertise is required in these unprecedented times. Collaboration, speed, and flexibility are needed as many of us work together to defeat this insidious opponent. These elements are what make Portescap a formidable warrior in the fight against Covid-19.  Portescap’s team of engineers are no strangers to working closely with device manufacturers to create customized motion solutions that save lives.

With our global manufacturing and engineering presence comes an urgent responsibility to mobilize quickly as we leverage our expertise, roll up our sleeves, and do our part for the medical community. As part of Altra Industrial Motion, Portescap has created a Business Continuity Task Force as well as a Pandemic Response Plan to ensure the safety of our customers as well as that of our employees.

The Portescap team is hard at work building motors that power ventilators, infusion pumps, clinical diagnostic equipment and many other medical devices used in the fight against Covid-19. We are working closely with device manufacturers to reduce the stress on the medical community created by the sudden surge in demand and shortage in supply.  At the same time, the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities is our top priority. We have been able to mobilize our global teams to help sustain production and fulfillment, while ensuring their safety and health including virtual meetings, work space distancing and scheduled operational work shift teams in cooperation with the best-practice recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), national health organizations, and other local government agencies.

We are all in this together. Portescap’s commitment to making motors that improve, enhance and save lives is stronger than ever.

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Motors for Ventilators

During these unprecedented times, the need for ventilators has never been greater. Our highly efficient slotless brushless motors allow manufacturers to reduce blower size while achieving all the necessary pressure and flow.

Infusion Systems

Motors for Medical Infusion Systems

With multiple pumps per patient being used to treat COVID-19, infusion systems are as critical as ventilators. For over 40 years, Portescap’s reliable, high-quality motors have been proven through countless life-improving therapies worldwide.

Clinical Diagnostics

Motors for Clinical Diagnostics

Laboratory testing applications are essential in the fight against an invisible enemy. Portescap offers the required breadth of motor technology to optimize each application and to help medical professionals find and fight the enemy.