High Speed Brush DC

Typically, high speeds are associated with brushless DC motors because of the absence of the mechanical brushes that can wear at high speeds.

It has been a challenge for applications to find a solution that requires high speeds but is also cost-sensitive. For example, disposable medical tools require both speed and low-cost options, since the operation happens only for a few minutes, after which they dispose of the tools.

BLDC motors are a solution from a speed perspective, but not from a cost perspective. Portescap’s new proprietary high-speed coreless brush DC motors deliver high-speed and are priced economically for applications where there is a short-cycle, cost efficiency, and performance is critical. Portescap’s coreless brush DC can achieve such top speeds, which is an enormous challenge while optimizing the electromechanical design & architecture of the motor.

These new concepts are available in 22mm & 24mm diameters.


  • Low inertia (Quick Start/Stop)
  • Cost optimization
  • Compact package
  • Ideal for battery driven applications


  • Cable & connectors
  • Mounting features & custom shaft (diameter & length)
  • Ball bearing assembly
  • Value-add assembly like a pulley, gear, etc

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