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February 6-8, 2024 | Anaheim, CA

Be sure to catch our engineering experts during MD&M West in Booth #1885! We'll be highlighting the M-Sense12A autoclavable encoder and our frameless motor and extended life capabilities, all of which have been optimized specifically for the unique needs of sensitive medical applications.

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Zoom Motion Solutions for Medical and Surgical Applications

Why Portescap?

Portescap’s brushless DC, brush DC, and flat motors are designed to thrive in the most challenging of environments, easily providing the high speeds, efficiency, and precision that are critical to medical applications. Our motor accessories, customization options, and availability of Engineer-to-Engineer collaboration ensure that your motor will meet – and exceed – all necessary requirements.

Micro-Motion Capabilities 

Frameless Motor Capabilities 

The frameless motor meshes Portescap's extensive experience in motion control with the latest demands from surgical robotic developers. This new capacity for providing un-housed rotors and stators is a direct result of recognizing that robot developers require the greatest flexibility and control to minimize weight and space while simultaneously optimizing performance. These motors are especially ideal for robotic joints and control axes that demand precise servo-driven movement.

Watch as Greg Harnsberger, Director of Industry Marketing at Portescap, explains more about our frameless motor capabilities

Extended Life Motor Capabilities 

Our extended life motor is designed to outperform in extremely harsh medical environments, including saline, autoclave, and dishwasher, as well as in surgical hand tool applications. 

Product Highlights

M-Sense12A Autoclavable Encoder

The M-Sense12A magnetic encoder is the first autoclavable encoder to join Portescap’s product portfolio. ps_encoder_m-sense12a_autoclavable_encoder_3-4_left_800x800Optimized specifically for surgical robotic applications, the M-Sense12A has been designed to survive 2,000+ sterilization cycles and is fully compatible with Portescap’s existing surgical motor portfolio. This encoder can provide incremental and absolute feedback and features a wide resolution range up to 1024 lines, as well as accuracy up to 1.5 degrees. It is also able to work accurately at high input speeds, with a maximum input speed of 120k RPM at 1024 lines/rev in incremental mode. 

CNT2440 Autoclavable Controller

The CNT2440 is fully capable ofPS_CNT2440_Controller_07 surviving up to 1,000 sterilization cycles and features a sensorless drive, fulfilling the need for sterilizable controller options within the surgical market. This controller is fully compatible with Portescap’s brushless DC slotted and brushless DC slotless range of sterilizable motors. It has a rated voltage up to 24V and a rated current up to 40 amps, providing a power rating of 960 watts. The CNT2440 can also be programmed based on a specific application’s requirements, including travel range, braking requirements, and trigger features.

Slotted Flat Brushless DC Motors

When you need high power density and exceptional performance in a flat compact motion package,45ECF Flat Motor we've got the technology for you: Portescap's Brushless Flat Motors! Delivering speeds up to 10,000 rpm, diameters as small as 20mm and as large as 90mm, a lower cost of ownership, and extensive customizability, our flat motors will meet - even surpass - your needs.

Play button Who is Portescap?

Portescap has a long, rich history in providing powerful miniature motor solutions for customers around the globe - but that's only the tip of the iceberg! With our global footprint, focus on customization and Engineer-to-Engineer collaboration, customer-centric products and processes, and incredibly talented and innovative teams who make it all happen, we stand ready to deliver a mini motor solution that meets - and exceeds - all expectations.