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We're thrilled to be joining our colleagues from Altra Industrial Motion during SPS 2022!

Join our experts at Hall 3 #270 during the show to learn more about our miniature motors portfolio, which provides the precise control, high efficiency, and low vibration necessary to maximize performance, reduce costs and improve reliability for industrial applications.

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Zoom Explore Miniature Motors for Industrial Applications

Powering Automation, Industrial Power Tools, Robotics, and More!

Portescap’s brush DC, brushless DC, and stepper motors are designed to thrive in the most challenging of environments, easily providing the high speeds, efficiency, and precision that are critical to industrial applications. Our motor accessories, customization options, and availability of Engineer-to-Engineer collaboration ensure that your motor will meet – and exceed – all necessary requirements.

Ultra EC™ Brushless DC Motor Platform

We know that a one-design fits all approach doesn’t work, which is why our robust motor portfolio is driven by customization. Our Ultra EC™ motor platform offers mini BLDC motors that address 3 key performance requirements: ultra-high speed, ultra-high torque, and ultra-cost optimization.ultra-ec-family-shot

Athlonix™ Brush DC Motor Platform

Looking for a high power density, yet cost-effective DC corelessprt_product_12GS88-Athlonix_380x307 motor? Whether it be high power density, high torque, or a delicate balance of both in a compact envelope, Athlonix™ miniature DC motors allow you to find the perfect solution based on your specific performance requirements.

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Portescap has a long, rich history in providing powerful miniature motor solutions for customers around the globe - but that's only the tip of the iceberg! With our global footprint, focus on customization and Engineer-to-Engineer collaboration, customer-centric products and processes, and incredibly talented and innovative teams who make it all happen, we stand ready to deliver a mini motor solution that meets - and exceeds - all expectations.